The Lobsters Run Free: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two


"One hundred and thirty-five flash fiction stories from world-wide authors selected from the long lists of the three Bath Flash Fiction Awards in 2017. These dazzling fictions, all 300 words or under, give us fresh insights into world wide concerns--from relationship issues and domestic situations tender or fraught, to war torn landscapes and the plight of the dispossessed. So much is compressed into so few words. So much will linger after reading."

My story, "Sleeping Beasts," is featured in this December 2017 anthology. It was also shortlisted for the Seventh Bath Flash Fiction Award.

Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story


"What can a hundred words do? They can send chills, they can bring you to tears, they can take your breath away. In often racy, always charged encounters--from wild messy breakups to a disgruntled clown dinner to quiet revelations over folded laundry--these 100-word stories take us to lightning moments when everything, big and small, is at stake. In NOTHING SHORT OF, a hundred words is all you need."

My story, "A Guide to Surviving Monotony," is featured in this April 2018 anthology.

Barely Casting a Shadow: Reflex Fiction Volume 1


"Barely Casting a Shadow includes 161 stories from 138 of the best flash fiction writers in the world, all long-listed for the first four rounds of the Reflex Fiction flash fiction competition. You’ll find four winning stories: Anger Management by Charmaine Wilkerson, Jimmy Choo Shoes by Shannon Savvas, Fly Away Home by Helen Rye, and our inaugural winner, and the story that gives this anthology its name, Barely Casting a Shadow by Alicia Bakewell. You’ll find humour, sadness, love, and lots of ladybirds. Whatever your reading tastes, there’ll be something here for you."

My story, "Something Like Peace," is featured in this May 2018 anthology.


Emerge Literary Journal (June 2020): A Moving River

Emerge Literary Journal (June 2020): Surfacing


X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine (May 2020): A Transverse Progression


Fiction Kitchen Berlin (May 2020): The Accountant's Wife

Rune Bear (May 2020): A Life Like Moments

STORGY (May 2020): Evolution of a Chef

Hypnopomp Magazine (May 2020): Vanishing Point

(mac)ro(mic) (May 2020): Made to Consume, The Incendiary Effect, We’re All Holograms Here, and Brothers of Nablus


STORGY (May 2020): Reaper in Mourning

Mookychick (April 2020): The Seventh Star


Crab Fat Magazine (April 2020): The Law of Attraction


Blind Corner Literary Magazine (April 2020): Summer Solstice 

South Broadway Ghost Society (March 2020): For Your Peace of Mind


Reflex Fiction (June 2019): As Hallowed as the Earth

*Longlisted for the Spring 2019 Contest 

Reflex Fiction (May 2019): Stellar Remnants 


Reflex Fiction (February 2019): Waiting


Ghost Parachute (October 2018): Unearthed: A Five-Month Progression


Flash Frontier (June 2018): That Thing You Carry

*Finalist for the Micro Madness 2018 Contest


CHEAP POP (January 2018): Something Elemental


Reflex Fiction (August 2017): Something Like Peace

*Longlisted for the Summer 2017 Contest

Dually Noted (August 2017): A Day in the Life

Every Day Fiction (May 2017): Broken Hands


100 Word Story (December 2013): A Guide to Surviving Monotony 


The Ampersand Review (August 2013): Water Marks

Milk Sugar (August 2013): Balm


Anti-Heroin Chic (April 2020): A Bright Spark in the Distance


Armistice by Lara Elena Donnelly

Amberlough by Lara Elena Donnelly

When the English Fall by David Williams

Unravelings by Sarah Cheshire


Amber Sparks

Kara Vernor

Allegra Hyde


Last One to the Bridge by Kathy Joy, published by 1888 Center (December 2017)


"Writer of the Week" at Maudlin House (February 2018)


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